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The Cost of a CAP Part 3: The Benefits and Costs of CAP Measures

What measures will get us the biggest emissions bang for our buck?  How much will these measures cost residents and businesses in our city? These are the two questions we hear most often. A climate action plan (CAP) benefit-cost analysis … Continue reading

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The Cost of a CAP: Monetary impacts of local GHG reduction measures

More and more cities in California are developing Climate Action Plans (CAPs). During our climate action planning work with cities, we repeatedly hear questions from the public and city staff about costs. How much is this climate action plan going … Continue reading

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2017 Chaptered and Vetoed Legislative Update as of 10/10/17

The following list and information is an update to the previously posted 10/4/17 Legislative Update that includes actions by the Governor between 10/4/17 and 10/10/17. We will continue to provide updates as the October 15, 2017 deadline for the Governor … Continue reading

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2017 Chaptered and Vetoed Bill Update as of 10/3/17

The following list and information include actions by the Governor since the September 15, 2017 legislative deadline ending the 2017 legislative session.  This list will change as we reach the October 15, 2017 deadline as the Governor either veto, signs, … Continue reading

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GHG Emission Targets v. Limits: The Constitutionality of Executive Orders S-3-05 and B-30-15

Recently, Legislative Counsel Dian F. Boyer wrote an opinion answering questions from State Senator Jean Fuller of California’s 16th Senate District regarding California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (commonly known as AB 32) and Executive Branch Authority. The nonbinding … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Issues Hughes v. Talen Marketing Decision With Limited Effect on California and the West

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a very narrow 8-0 decision in Hughes v. Talen Marketing finding that Maryland Public Service Commission’s program for in-state long-term capacity procurement set an interstate wholesale rate that interfered with the Federal Power Act’s … Continue reading

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Role of Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets

(Many thanks to Cameron Bernhardt for his research for this post) This second post continues the discussion of the role of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Carbon Offset Credits in California policies started in the last post. In the next … Continue reading

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