2018 Chaptered Bill Update

On September 30th, Governor Brown signed or vetoed all enrolled bills passed by the legislature.  This completed the 2018 legislative session fulfilling one of Governor Brown’s last major duties before leaving office.  The 2017-2018 two year legislative session saw the introduction of approximately 482 energy, natural resource, land use, and climate related bills with the 2018 legislative session resulting in approximately 94 of these bills becoming law.  The following is a brief list of important bills that were chaptered or vetoed during the 2018 session. A full list of chaptered and vetoed bills can be found here.

Chaptered Bills


Electric Procurement:

SB 100: 60% RPS by 2030 and 100% zero-carbon resource supply by 2045.

SB 237: Non-Residential Direct Access Expansion

GHG/Climate Change:

AB 2195: Out of State Natural Gas GHG Sources

AB 2518: Innovative Forest Products and Mass Timber

AB 3232: Zero-Emissions Buildings and Source of Heat Energy

SB 1477: Low-Emission Buildings and Sources of Heat Energy

SB 1013: Fluorinated Refrigerants

SB 1035: General Plan Updates

SB 1072: Regional Climate Collaborative Program: Technical Assistance

Air Pollution:

AB 2453: Air Pollution: Schools and Identified Communities with High Exposure

AB 2564: Civil Penalties: Glider Vehicles

Alternative Fuel, Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, and Advanced Transportation

AB 2145: Vehicle Air Pollution: Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle Program

SB 1403: Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle Program Funding

SB 1014: Zero Emission Vehicles

AB 2127: Assessment of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

SB 1000:Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

SB 1016: Common Interest Developments: EV-Dedicated TOU Meters

SB 1796: Rental Property: EV Charging Stations

SB 1151: Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: County of San Diego


AB 3187: Biomethane: Rates/Interconnection

SB 1440: Biomethane Procurement Program

California Energy Commission:

SB 782: Energy Data Transparency


AB 1804: Categorical Exemption Infill Development

AB 2341: Aesthetic Impact

AB 2782: Positive and Negative Impacts

California Public Utilities Commission:

SB 1410: Inspection and Audit of Books

SB 1358: CPUC: Hearings

SB 1136: Resource Adequacy Requirements

Distributed Generation and Distributed Energy Resources

AB 2381: Small Business Demand-Side Energy Program

SB 700: Self-Generation Incentive Program: Energy Storage

SB 1339: Microgrids: Tariffs

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP):

SB 618: Load-Serving Entities: IRP


SB 1090: Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs (PACE):

AB 2063: PACE Administrators

SB 1087: PACE Administrators

SB 465: PACE Wildfire Safety Improvements

Wildfires and Fire Safety:

SB 901: Wildfire Impacts, Liability, and Planning

SB 969: Back Up Battery for Garage Door Openers

AB 2911: Electric Transmission Distribution Line Fire Safety

AB 3257: Natural Resources: Fire Prevention

SB 821: Emergency Notifications: County Jurisdictions


SB 1328: Mileage-Based Road Usage Fee


SB 606: Water Management Planning: Water Efficiency

Vetoed Bills

AB 2447: CEQA: Environmental Justice.  A veto message can be found here.

AB 1945: GHG Reduction Fund Investment Plan. A veto message can be found here.

AB 2346: Wildfire Expense Memorandum Accounts. A veto message can be found here.

About Joe Kaatz

Staff Attorney at the Energy Policy Initiatives Center, University of San Diego School of Law.
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