Legislative Update: Enrolled Bills 2017

Bills introduced in the 2017 legislative session were required to be enrolled and sent to the Governor by September 15, 2017, concluding the last legislative deadline.  Nearly forty bills were enrolled sometime before this deadline.  Several bills dealing with renewable energy resource procurement, CAISO regionalization, and further decarbonization of the electric sector failed to reach the Governor’s desk.   SB 100 (De León) dealing with a 60% RPS by 2030 and 100% renewable/ zero-carbon procurement by 2045 failed to pass in the Assembly.  Additionally, AB 813 (Holden) and AB 726 (Holden) both sought to drive the CAISO board to create a regionalization framework under a sunset requirement and mandated that the Public Utilities Commission increase electric utility procurement above the RPS to take advantage of “tax-advantaged” renewable resources.  AB 813 failed to pass out of it assigned Senate committee and AB 726 failed to pass the Senate floor.  We expect all three of these bills to continue as priorities in the 2018 legislative cycle as two-year bills.

The Governor signed the following bills dealing with budget appropriations from the GHG Reduction Fund to, among other things, provide local assistance from the Air Resources Board on mobile source, climate change, community air protection, and Office of Planning and Research programs.  These bills are  AB 134 and AB 109.

The following are notable enrolled bills:

  • CPUC Governance Reform: SB 19 (Hill) and SB 385 (Hueso)
  • Integrated Resource Planning: SB 518 (Bradford) and SB 338 (Skinner)
  • GHG Accounting and Reduction: AB 79 (Levine), AB 262 (Bonta), AB 630 (Cooper), and AB 739 (Chau).
  • Aliso Canyon related DER and Energy Storage: SB 801 (Stern)
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: AB 1082 (Burke) and AB 1083 (Burke)
  • SANDAG Governance: AB 805 (Gonzalez Fletcher)
  • Regional Transportation Planning and GHG Reduction: SB 150 (Allen)
  • Residential Rates: SB 711 (Hill)
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Programs: AB 1284 (Dababneh) and SB 242 (Skinner)

We will continue to update our website over the next month with the final deadline for the Governor to sign or veto bills by October 15, 2017 marking the end of the 2017 legislative calendar.  You can find a complete list of enrolled, chaptered, and two-year bills we are tracking on our Legislative Center website.

About Joe Kaatz

Staff Attorney at the Energy Policy Initiatives Center, University of San Diego School of Law.
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